»The Damage Done wins first place in WestFest film festival | Screens with former festival winner Texas Fortune.

» Currently in post-production:  The second installment of the post-apocalyptic short series SWINE.

» Vampire action thriller Live Evil released on DVD following initial domestic and foreign cable launch.

» Third installment of SWINE scheduled for October 2010 shoot.

» The Damage Done selected as front page Staff Pick on Vimeo.


» Feedback on The Damage Done from DVX filmmaker forum:
  · ... Best actors of the fest. Especially the lead
  · ... I loved the mystical lead who feels no pain
  · ... your cast was flawless
  · ... strong lead
  · ... the casting and acting was dead on
  · ... great acting
  · ... the acting was some of the best in the fest
  · ... Great film. Solid acting,
  · ... The actors were great
  · ...couple of quick points that i loved... the acting ! everyone did a fantastic job
  · ... I think a lot of people agreed your leads were pretty much the best in the festival, I think the christian bale look alike and the main woman can both lead a feature really well...they were pro and legit

 Feedback on Texas Fortune from DVX filmmaker forum:
  · ... Acting was cool, that guy is cool who is that?
  · ... Great stuff, and Gregory really is a good actor.
  · ... Acting top notch.
  · ... you have some serious talent and i think you'll go far in the industry. same goes for the main actor. keep up the great work!
  · ... The acting was great.
  · ... Really good acting
  · ... I was blown away by this film, everything about it is just so damn good. From the opening credits to the technical aspect to the acting, it was all just too perfect.
  · ... I loved this one. Awsome actors man!
  · ... my gf is tired of me reciting some those cowboy lines to her..." folk real grateful..give me.. all" lol your actors are top notch.

 "one of my favorite actors... intelligent and versatile... I highly recommend this very talented actor" ­ Bill White, Director

 "one of the best young actors that I have worked with... his talent, preparation and professionalism are unmatched" ­ Dave Bundtzen, Director

 "amazing to work with... constantly brought something new and interesting to the character with each take... able to bring a vulnerability and reality to his character" ­ Zach Isenberg, Director

 "an actor with raw sex appeal and the talent, professionalism and humor to back it up!" ­ Christina Morales, Director

 "It is Kenyon’s work as the cold and impersonal Bora that provides the greatest moments in the movie... Reminds me of the great performance given by Peter Cushing in the original Star Wars film.
MicrocinemaScene | "Rogue" Review by James Lisk

 "As for those who like to root for the "bad guy", Gregory Lee Kenyon gives an awesome performance as James/Tyrannus." | Review of "Demonicus"


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